• 15/06/2024 23:40

Chinese hackers hacked British Defense Ministry database – Sky News

Chinese hackers launched a cyber attack on the database of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain , which caused a large-scale round of special data British military services.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via Sky News and the BBC.

For information, the TV channel today informs members of the British Parliament about the massive round of data from the Ministry of Defense.

“The government does not name the country that took its fate, but Sky News understands that it is China,” – go to a friend. The British TV channel directly calls the “power of China” into the cyber era.

The cyber attack was carried out on the payment system of many senior military personnel and veterans, and the hackers were able to obtain important names and bank details, which were obtained from a source. Prote salaries, according to the British government official, will be paid on an hourly basis this month.

Tobias Ellwood, a member of Parliament for the Conservative Party and a great leader, told Sky News that China was “surprised financially different beliefs of the population so that they can be used in exchange for preparations.”

Journals to clarify what is going on about the system of the current contractor, which is not connected to the main computer systems of the Ministry of Defense, it was disabled after start reversing.< /p>

The BBC also reports about the evil base with special data from military services and military personnel of the British Ministry of Defense.

The agency writes that it has no information about who is behind the attack, but confirms that hackers denied access to the system where salaries are saved Statements and numbers of military bank accounts. A small number of cases may involve home addresses.

Hacker activity in China

It is likely that recently the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Christopher Ray, reported that hackers associated with China had infiltrated critically important US infrastructure. They are calling for “obedient to the moment, in order to deliver a miserable blow.”

The fierce Netherlands called China cyber espionage. The People's Republic of China raised the alarm.

For example, the Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain, Oliver Dowden, told parliament that China was behind a series of cyber attacks on British politicians.

Terms and important information about war between Russia and Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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