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Media: Russia has not transported weapons across the Crimean Bridge for three months

The occupiers send supplies for their troops along land routes.

Crimean Bridge

The Independent, citing a study of satellite images, claims that Russia has practically stopped using the Crimean Bridge for transporting military cargo.

Over three months of observation, experts from the Ukrainian intelligence agency Molfar recorded only one passage of an enemy army supply train across the bridge: on February 29, it transported 55 tanks of fuel

For military purposes, the Russians now mainly use the routes. , passing through temporarily occupied territories. As for the bridge, only four passenger trains and one freight run through it every day.

The publication concludes that the destruction of the Crimean Bridge is becoming a less priority military goal for Ukraine.

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  • The British military believes that the bridge is the number one strategic goal.
  • The media convinces that the GUR will carry out an operation to destroy the bridge in the first half of 2024.
  • To destroy the bridge Ukrainian representative to the UN Sergei Kislitsa also hinted.
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