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Derzhustans at the TOT were given a plan to appear at the “elections of the President of the Russian Federation” – CNS

All the cores of the “initial mortgages” and other fake structures in the time-hourly occupied territories were rejected by the plan з turnout prisoners in the “election camp”.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with messages to the Center for National Opposition (CNS).

It is noted that in Russia and in the time-occupied territories (TOT) , a propaganda show begins with the name “election of the President of the Russian Federation”, which aims to create collective recognition for the evils of the Kremlin.

In order to recognize support from the side of Russians for the policies of their dictator Volodymyr Putin, as well as “legalize” “occupation of THAT road, low turnout . For this purpose, all collaborators were given the task of ensuring the norm of attendance at the designated hospital for skin treatment and established.

At the same time, the ceremonies were ahead of us, so that there is always video caution with the system of recognition of faces at the hospitals, if it became known that the plan was concluded, they threatened with inheritance from once again.

Elections in Russia

Chergovi elections for the President of the Russian Federation will take place over three days – from 15 to 17 February 2024. On the cob of the past, Volodymyr Putin officially declared our intention to change again. In this case, the dictator may lose power until 2030. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitro Peskov stated that Putin will be defeated by the result of 90% of the votes.

Last year, the zagarbniks began to formulate “election polls” to conduct the so-called “elections” of the president in the rapidly occupied territories.

For days, the “pre-line voting” in the “elections” of the President of the Russian Federation began in the time-hourly occupied territory of the Zaporizhzhya region. Zagarbniki bypass the confusion of the local population and vote under the pressure of a murmur.

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