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Directors of the FGVFO call the vikoristan for the right purposes to the auto bank, which is liquidated

Administrative Director of the Fund for Guaranteeing Deposits of Individuals Svitlana Rekrut broke the law, victorious for trip beyond the border cars that were in the bank, which is in the process of liquidation.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via reports to UNN.

According to the words of lawyer Serhiy Lysenko, the director of the fund has a lot of rights. .

During the investigation, journalists discovered that last year Svetlana Rekrut spent behind the cordon or at age there and back for over 100 days, or perhaps half of all working days in the life. In 2022, their trips totaled over 80 days.

Based on the Declaration of the Recruit, in 2022, the 2022 year of birth received compensation from the Federal State Voluntary Fund for the excessively spent expenses on work in the amount of over 65 thousand UAH.

It also turned out that for trips beyond the border she vikorized, among other things, cars that lie on the AT “Megabank”, the liquidation of which will be carried out by the Deposit Guarantee Fund itself in 2022.

According to the information from the State Property Fund, its liquidation is ongoing and is scheduled for completion in 2025. For information from journalists, the recruit for official trips beyond the cordon bought two cars that belong to this bank. One of them began to become valuable immediately after the beginning of the liquidation procedure – in the year 2022.

In which case, only in the year 2023, the Deposit Guarantee Fund will pay 93% of the cost ів (3.8 billion UAH) to bank depositors. And the debt to all creditors has not yet been repaid.

“It is clear that in accordance with Article 36 of the Law (“On the system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals”), during the period of the bank's withdrawal from the market and/or liquidation of the bank, the Fund has the right to use the technical capabilities of such a bank from by minimizing our expenses,” – informing the Federal State Voluntary Fund of the Russian Federation in response to the question of journalists.

UNN checked the law, according to the Foundation and revealed that the Recruit can mine the bank, which is eliminated especially since it is especially important to enter the warehouse of the time administrator ii. Proceed to the data of the youcontrol website, the Recruit is not an authorized special representative of the Federal State Financial Institution for the liquidation of JSC “Megabank”.

“According to Article 36 of the law you have mentioned, after the introduction of the time-hour administration, the mine bank may only be reinstated by the person of the Foundation – the liquidator, who will represent the functions of the time-hour administration and other representatives of the fund do not claim any rights after the introduction of time-sensitive administration “, – added lawyer Lisenko.

In his words, the bank is victorious, which is being liquidated, perhaps, in addition to the authorized person of the Foundation, and the violation of the law, as the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine may say.

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