• 14/04/2024 16:49

On the left bank of the Dnieper, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the enemy video surveillance system “Murom-M”

Also, the Russian army lost 54 personnel and 8 guns.

On the left bank of the Dnieper, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the enemy video surveillance system

This is stated in the report of the Defense Forces of southern Ukraine.

“The counter-battery fight continues in the operational zone of the Southern Defense Forces. The enemy systematically continues to try to dislodge our units from their occupied positions on the left bank of the Dnieper. Over the past 24 hours, they resorted to 4 assaults and, having suffered losses, retreated to their original positions,” – .

The occupiers do not stop aerial reconnaissance, press with artillery fire, and use a large number of attack drones of various types.

“The defense forces will continue to inflict fire damage on the enemy’s locations, firing positions and rear areas,” report OK “Yug.”

It is noted that within 24 hours they received confirmation that the enemy on the left bank had become less:

  • 54 infidels;
  • 8 guns;
  • 1 video surveillance system “Murom-M”;
  • 1 set antenna system;
  • 10 units of armored vehicles;
  • 2 boats.

The enemy's field ammunition was destroyed.

The defenders also added that there are 2 ships of the enemy fleet on combat duty in the Black Sea, and 1 ship in the Sea of ​​Azov. The launch vehicles are at their bases.

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on a concentration of Russian troops in Olenovka, Donetsk region, using Ukrainian multiple launch rocket systems. They destroyed 19 and wounded 12 occupiers.
  • During the day, the Ukrainian army liquidated 1,150 occupiers. The Ukrainian military destroyed 44 enemy armored combat vehicles and 41 artillery systems.
  • Today, February 29, the Defense Forces destroyed another enemy Su-34 fighter-bomber in the Eastern direction. The data is being clarified.
  • In addition, a week ago, the Armed Forces of Ukraine again targeted the invaders who had herded personnel to the training ground. At the time of the strike, there were military personnel from three Russian units at the training ground – the 328th Airborne Assault Regiment, the 810th Separate Marine Brigade and the 81st SAPS. Losses of the occupiers are reported not only among soldiers, but also among commanding officers.


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