• 12/04/2024 09:30

Dozens of Shaheds are flying over Ukraine, air defense is working

Над Украиной десятки


As of the evening of December 31, several dozen Russian attack drones were in Ukrainian airspace.

Source: Air Force

Literally: “The attack of the “Shaheds” continues!

Several dozen enemy attack drones in Ukrainian airspace!

Air defense is working!”

Details: Airmen warn that alarms may also sound in areas where there are currently none.

Alerts have now been declared in more than ten regions, including Kyiv.

At 23:02, the Air Force warned about several groups of “martyrs” on the border of the Nikolaev region and the Dnepropetrovsk region, the direction of movement was north-western. Also several groups of “martyrs” in the south of the Nikolaev region! The direction of movement is to the Odessa region.

Let us remind you: On Sunday, the movement of attack enemy drones was recorded from the eastern regions of Ukraine.


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