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During the four months of fighting for Avdeevka, the occupiers lost almost 50 thousand military personnel, – Tarnavsky

During the active phase of the Avdeevka defense operation, the Russian army lost hundreds of units of equipment.

In four months of fighting for Avdievka, the infidels lost almost 50 thousand military personnel, — For 4 months of the active phase of the Avdiivka defense operation, enemy losses amounted to 47,186 military personnel, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed hundreds of enemy tanks.</p>
<p>The commander of the Tavria OSV, Alexander Tarnovsky, spoke about this.</p>
<p>“In the Avdeevsky direction, with their courage, steadfastness and heroism, the Ukrainian defenders inflicted huge losses on the enemy and destroyed a significant reserve of the Russian invaders, which they planned to use in other sectors of the front for offensive actions,” wrote Tarnovsky.</p>
<p>Losses, losses The enemy during the active phase of the Avdeevka defense operation (from October 10, 2023 to February 17, 2024) amounted to:</p>
<li>personnel – 47,186 people;</li>
<li>tanks – 364; </li>
<p> li> </p>
<li>artillery systems – 248; </li>
<li>armored combat vehicles – 748; </li>
<li>aircraft – 5. </li>
<p>“I thank every soldier for his tenacity, courage and heroism! For every destroyed occupier! For every burned tank and armored vehicle,” added the commander.</p>
<h3>Battles for Avdiivka</h3>
<li>February 16 The commander of the operational-strategic group of troops “Tavria” Alexander Tarnavsky called the situation in Avdeevka controlled and complex. He said that UAF maneuvers were taking place there.</li>
<li>The third assault brigade confirmed that its units were urgently sent to Avdievka for reinforcement. In the morning, the fighters reported that the invaders were carrying out continuous shelling and assault operations, and were using phosphorus shells against the coke plant in Avdievka. From these shells, tanks with fuel oil burn, and toxic smoke spreads throughout the entire territory of the enterprise.</li>
<li>The command of the 3rd assault told about attempts to break through the cordon and partial withdrawal from positions. </li>
<li>February 17, according to the decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky, Ukrainian troops left Avdiivka and went on the defensive on more advantageous lines. </li>
<li>The commander of the Tavria OSUV, Alexander Tarnavsky, confirmed that there is a decision to leave the Zenit position in the east of Avdeevka. </li>
<li>When the personnel of the Ukrainian units left Avdiivka, a number of Ukrainian military personnel were captured.</li>
<li>President Zelensky commented on Syrsky’s decision regarding the withdrawal of the Ukrainian military from positions in Avdiivka. He believes that this is a professional decision, the purpose of which is to save the lives of Ukrainians.</li>
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