• 18/04/2024 17:32

During the missile attack on the Novocherkassk ship, there were 77 sailors on board, – RosSMI

Currently, 33 sailors are considered missing.

During the missile attack on the ship

According to sources, ammunition during the attack on the night of December 26 hit the bow of the large landing ship.

Later, the publication's sources reported that 33 sailors were considered missing, 23 people were injured, one died as a result of the attack. Remnants of a Storm Shadow missile were found at the site.

It is also known that the ship was completely burned out and sank. This is confirmed by photos published online.

  • On December 26, at night, the Defense Forces destroyed the Russian large landing ship Novocherkassk.
  • After the destruction of the Novocherkassk IGK, they began to look for informants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Feodosia. The city center has been cordoned off and civilian documents are being checked.


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