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Weather at the end of the birch: Kiev has a new temperature record before the New Year

On Tuesday, the 26th in Kiev, a record was recorded for the average day temperature for this day, which key 5 ,9 degrees of heat, which is 0.1 degrees lower than in 2015.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with communications to the Central Geophysical Observatory.

“Beyond the climatic norm, this temperature “This is the end of birch,” they say.

Temperature records for 2023

This is the third temperature record for the month and the 44th for the beginning of the year. Last year, the 20th, the temperature exceeded the record value for that day by 1.5 degrees and became 10.6 degrees Celsius.

On the warmest day, the chest in Kiev is lost on the 15th of 2019 with a temperature of 15.2 degrees warmth.

The latest forecasts from weather forecasters indicate that above-zero temperatures will remain in Ukraine until the end of the month. As Natalia Golenya, the deputy head of the weather forecast department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, told RBC-Ukraine, until the end of the day there will be no changes.

Weather in Kiev

I guess the average temperature in the world This autumn near Kiev it was 11.4 degrees Celsius, an increase of 2 .7 degrees higher than the average rich values. Autumn has settled in another place amid the warmest conditions since 1881 near the capital.

A steady transition of the average temperature in the world through 0 degrees and a decrease occurred in Kiev on the 19th of leaf fall, which is to confirm the beginning of meteorological winter near the capital, which came for ten days earlier than the middle date.

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