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Emergency medical assistance. The Ministry of Health explained how it works when you click

Emergency medical assistance – these are the terms of medical practitioners, directly at hand good life and good health people who are in an uneasy situation caused by illness or injury.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a statement sent to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Click here The emergency medical assistance team can be reached at number 103. The ministry announced that patients will receive all emergency medical assistance free of charge.

Kehrino vicenchate Ekstren Dopomov:

  • Dihannya vidsutset, chi s with dicchanas, bleeding of the throat);
  • Imarking massive bleeding , abdominal wounds, wounds and skin);
  • pain instantly in the back, shoulders, cleft, there is a feeling of tightness in the chest;
  • loss of information or confusion;
  • signs of heart attack, stroke (complicated and lost thought; paralyzed ending, distorted face, fall, blurred vision in one assessment, etc.);
  • in we stand as threaten life and health (distress, injury, etc.).

“It is clear that you should call for emergency medical assistance only in times of extreme need – if there is a threat to the life and health of a person,” – they added to the ministry.

What should I do if I get money for emergency medical assistance

If they are extorting money from you for medical assistance, you will need to contact the Department of Health Protection in your locality or region to the National Health Service:

  • via the contact center at number 16-77;
  • sheet to the postal address: metro Kiev, Stepana Banderi Ave., 19, index 04073;
  • to the email address info@nszu.gov.ua;
  • via an electronic form (https://service.e-health.gov.ua/gromadyanam/osobistij-prijom/citizen-form) on the website

Previously The Ministry of Health has released details about the MSEC reform. The idea is to bring the patient back to social life, as he did before. And the medical and social expert commissions themselves may cease to function, for the process will be automated.

In addition, in Ukraine it will be possible to sign a declaration with a family doctor online. This is one of the milestones of the plan for the digitalization of the health care system in the current river.

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