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Ermak: Ukraine most needs ammunition, ATACMS, drones, F-16, Patriot aircraft and missiles for them

The Chairman of the Office of the President hopes that the US Senate will approve the bill on aid to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Ermak: Ukraine most needs ammunition, ATACMS, and other missiles for them

Andrey Ermak

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak said that Ukraine needs more 155 mm ammunition, ATACMS missiles, drones, electronic warfare equipment, F-16 aircraft, additional Patriot systems and missiles for them.

“Without this we cannot protect our cities and people. We need supplies of this urgently, because the price is the lives of Ukrainians,” he emphasized in an interview with the American CNN channel, according to a statement from the press service of the President’s Office.

Ermak also thanked the US House of Representatives for approving the $61 billion aid package to Ukraine and expressed hope that the Senate will approve the bill as soon as possible.

“This is a very important decision for us. Without a doubt, its adoption increases our chances of victory over the aggressor, especially now when we see that Russia is preparing for a new offensive,” he noted.


Also emphasized that Russia will not be able to occupy Ukrainian territories, because Ukrainians courageously continue to defend their lands to victory, and the help of partners, including the United States, makes Ukraine stronger.

  • Meanwhile, long-range ATACMS missiles and other US weapons could be sent to Ukraine as early as next week if the bill on aid to Ukraine is submitted to US President Joe Biden for signature on Tuesday or the herd.
  • On April 20, the US House of Representatives approved a bill to help Ukraine for more than $60 billion. Now the issue must be considered by the Senate and signed by President Biden.
  • The document provides for the allocation of $60 billion to Ukraine, including $23 billion to replenish US arsenals, which can be used for military assistance to Ukraine. Also $13.8 billion for the purchase of the latest weapons systems, defense goods and services. Another $26 million to extend oversight and accountability with assistance and equipment provided to Ukraine.
  • A separate clause in the bill stipulates the provision of ATACMS long-range operational-tactical missile systems to Ukraine as soon as possible after entry into force.
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  • The Pentagon is ready to promptly send aid to Ukraine as soon as Congress approves it.


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