• 26/05/2024 10:15

The police told Ukrainians not to get caught up in the scam by SMS

Criminals are sending fake SMS to Ukrainians about the search for settlements in the name of a postal agent service. There is no need to follow such requests so as not to waste your money.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through messages to the Cyber ​​Police.

Law enforcement clarified that such reports are a phishing scam sent to those controlled by the Shahrays resources. The police have made a number of suggestions to help Ukrainians avoid wasting their money:

  • do not follow dubious hyperbole orders;
  • check out information about the proper delivery of goods on the official website of the postal service or in a jam ;
  • check the correctness of the URL address of the site before entering confidential data – in case of inconsistency, it may mean that the customer has been misled onto a phishing site;
  • get a private internet card for online shopping at, on How to transfer only the amount that is necessary for payment;
  • pay the money after picking up the goods in order to minimize the risk of wasting money;
  • do not inform third parties of the confirmation code that is in S MS- Generally Abo Bezpo -Serdeno in the appendages.

INSHI will please the

wound at the MVS, they were all often vicoristovy in the Internet. On the Internet, scammers have reactivated to extract money from Ukrainians. They phone and, in the guise of helping their neighbors, lure money from trusting citizens.

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