• 19/04/2024 11:26

Europe may be able to get help for Ukraine from Speaker Johnson – Cameron

European foreign ministers are putting pressure on Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson , so you can A bill to help Ukraine worth 60 billion dollars has been put to the vote.

British Foreign Affairs Minister David Cameron announced this, RBC-Ukraine reports on Politico.

< p>“It is very important that we get through on the phone or, in my opinion, especially get in touch with Speaker Johnson at the House of Representatives in order to obtain the praised bill (at a pittance for Ukraine – ed.),” the minister said.

In his words, the ministers of the foreign countries of Europe “may play a real role” in supplying aid to Ukraine in the United States.

“Congress will listen to what they seem to be different, and before America is ready to build “, – Cameron added.

He emphasized that there is a development option for which “Ukraine will be thrown back, and in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang there will be a triumph.” Under this, NATO and Europe will be waiting for the future, “in no one will be safe.”

Also the head of the Ministry of Health of Britain called on other NATO countries to speed up the work to send Ukraine's military equipment, the term of reference for any spill є.

“This property may be transferred to Ukraine – not a road, written off from our sovereign countries,” he added.

According to Cameron’s words, the countries of the West need to “put pressure” on their finance ministries so that they allow the confiscation of the Iyskih assets to the benefit of Ukraine in any way.

Help for Ukraine from the United States

It seems that the United States has practically not provided Ukraine with military and financial assistance for several months now. This is due to the fact that Congress is unable to see its funding.

Recently, the US Senate praised a bill that would transfer 60 billion dollars to help Ukraine. Ale vin is “stuck” in the House of Representatives because Speaker Mike Johnson does not want to bring it to the vote.

Republican Johnson stated that his faction is developing an alternative bill that would transfer aid to our country from the credit. Previously, they were given on a free basis.

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