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Exchange of frying lamps for LEDs: a new stage has started in Ukraine

In Ukraine, a new stage in the replacement of frying lamps with LEDs has emerged in the last 4 years. In this move, pensioners can receive up to five new LED lamps.

This was stated by the First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Sviridenko, reports RBC -Ukraine with a message to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Vona revealed that over the past month, pensioners in villages have already been deprived of an additional 4.5 million LED lamps. In total, Ukrainians have already exchanged over 26 million lamps.

“We call on everyone who has not yet completed the program to take away their five light-emitting diode lamps and screw them in instead of frying lamps. In this manner, additionally you can change the requirements for the energy system for Ukrainian energy workers “The infection is once again relevant, even if massive missile attacks have been launched,” said Sviridenko.

The Cabinet of Ministers needs to clarify what is on the minds of all pensioners who want to upgrade LED lamps first, as well as those who were earlier By purchasing an exchange, you can earn money free of charge.

When exchanging, pensioners must bring with them:

  • passport;
  • personal identification number;
  • pension confirmation;
  • active phone number.

Also now pensioners are not obligated to take old lamps from them for exchange. The stench can be brought to the Ukrposhti department for a month after removing the LED lamps.

It seems that from 5 April 2023 all rural branches of Ukrposhti pensioners were given the opportunity to min of lamps frying with LED lamps.< /p>

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