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F-16 for Ukraine: the Air Force spoke about the advantages of receiving 22 fighters from Norway.

Fighters will allow the Ukrainian infantry to “breathe easier.”

F-16 for Ukraine: the Air Force talked about the benefits of receiving 22 fighters from Norway2. F-16 fighters , which Norway plans to transfer to Ukraine, will greatly facilitate the work of the Ukrainian infantry, and will also be able to help carry out the tasks of army aviation.</p>
<p>The speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ilya Yevlash, spoke about this during the telethon, writes “Public”.</p >
<p>He appreciated all the advantages of the F-16, “these aircraft can fight both stealth targets – suicide bombers, cruise missiles, guided aircraft missiles, and can also influence enemy aircraft.</p>
<p> The aircraft will make it easier “breathe” Ukrainian infantry and help army aviation carry out missions.</p>
<p>“This will be a serious strengthening of our defense capability in repelling the Russian invasion,” the speaker emphasized.</p>
<li>Norway is preparing to transfer fighter jets to Ukraine F-16 as part of a coalition of fighters.</li>
<li>In early April, the Air Force reported that Ukrainian pilots were honing their skills in flying F-16 fighters in Denmark and the United States. Technical personnel are also being trained.</li>
<li>On March 29, the Belgian government approved the 25th aid package for Ukraine, which includes an additional 100 million euros for the maintenance of F-16 fighters.</li>
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