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New law on mobilization. Who, besides students, can get additional insurance?

Graduate students can take part in mobilization in Ukraine doctoral students Also, a line will be given to certain categories of contributors and teachers.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a message to the press service of the Supreme Court for the sake of Ukraine

For the new law on mobilization, in Ukraine there will be a line in Remove from mobilization:< /p>

  • students of vocational (vocational and technical) education, higher education, who begin full-time or dual form of training;
  • doctoral candidates and individuals who are insured for training before internship;
  • scientists, who are responsible for the scientific stage, the founders of great knowledge, scientific institutions and organizations, as well as pedagogical workers of these foundations, school readers for the minds, who stink no less 0, 75 bets.

As stated in the parliament, during the review of the law on mobilization, a proposal was made to the Committee to clarify the right to advance in mobility for graduate students. We are talking about graduate students who begin both the budgetary and contract forms of education.

New law on mobilization

Guess what, the 11th quarter of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine praised from another read bill No. 10449, which regulates the mobilization procedure. People's deputies submitted more than 30 amendments to the National Security Committee, and also included the demobilization of military personnel in the document.

The document will come into force a month after it is signed by the speaker of parliament and the president.

< p>More details about mobilization and about those who will change from grass, if the law gains decency – read our material.

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