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Fedorov announced the deterioration of the situation during the occupation of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant

On the occupation of the Russian interventionists, the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZAES) There is a shortage of specialists, and even fire extinguishers are in need allow militants to enter without a passport of the aggressor country.

The head of the Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration (OVA) Ivan Fedorov, informs RBC-Ukraine in a letter to Ukrinform.


The official became angry Thank you, the situation at the station is becoming more tense.

According to the words of the administration representative, at the beginning of the fall, the Russians did not allow about 120 station workers to complete their duties at Zaes. This is due, in part, to the fact that the Russian soldiers did not want to give up their Russian identity and passports.

“This itself was the reason for not admitting them to military service,” Fedorov explained.

Vin said that such a situation is “very dangerous.”

In this context, the head of the military service respected , that at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant under the Russian occupation, “blackouts” were recorded more and more times due to problems with electrical supply, which can lead to serious consequences as a result of disruption of technological processes iv.

Fedorov summed up that fewer practitioners have control over such a process – “there will be greater insecurity.”

Situation during the occupation of the ZaES

Guess what, Zaporizka AES – the largest nuclear power plant in Europe – was occupied by Russian zagarbniks at the beginning of a large-scale invasion. The interventions placed military equipment on the territory of the Western European Union. During the entire hour of occupation, the station was disrupted several times by the energy systems of Ukraine.

IAEA experts are constantly at the station, rotating every hour, but recently the Russians did not allow the IAEA into the reactor hall on JAM.

< p>As stated at Energoatom, since the beginning of the occupation at Zaporizhzhya NPP there have already been at least 8 new blackouts. Such incidents may threaten nuclear and radiation security not only for Ukraine, but also for other powers.

Also recently, the IAEA announced that they had discovered a new mine on the territory of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant .

7 fierce director general of the IAEA Rafael Grossi has already led Zaporizka AEC for the fourth time. There, he checked the situation with the staff and no less.

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