• 13/06/2024 00:43

Gas in Ukraine is cheap for the sixth month after: how much is it burning?

The actual price of gas sales in Ukraine for the 2024 quarter has decreased up 4.3% to 11 124 hryvnia for 1 thousand. cubic meters without maximum permissible value.

RBC-Ukraine reports this according to data from the Ministry of Economy.

In this way, gas is cheaper for the seventh month since then.

Price forecast

After a sharp increase, prices in Europe have significantly decreased today prices are around 355 dollars per thousand cubic meters (14 thousand hryvnia).

Following the NBU forecast, prices for natural gas on the European market will fall steadily. This will result in an ever-increasing proliferation of gas-producing natural gas, primarily from the United States and Qatar, supplies of cheap Russian gas to China and India, which will reduce competition for gas-producing natural gas from the Asian countries.

According to the NBU, and for gas at TTF hubs In the Netherlands, 2023 prices fell by 65.7% to 465.6 dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters. The NBU predicts that in 2024 prices will fall by 26.8% to 340.8 dollars per thousand cubic meters, in 2025 they will increase by 12.9% to 384.7 dollars, in 2026 they will fall by 12.5% ​​to 33 6, 5 dollars.

In Ukraine, the price for the population remains unchanged – 7.96 thousand hryvnias per thousand cubic meters (with MDV), as long as the moratorium on increasing gas tariffs ends .

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