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General Staff: in the areas of Lukyantsiv and Vovchanska near Kharkov, the ZSU moved to more prominent positions

On several plots in the Lukyantsy and Vovchanska Kharkiv regions, they are advancing no action from the Russians occupiers, the ZSU subsidiaries have moved to more prominent positions.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through communications to the ZSU General Staff.

Zagalom on Kharkiv direct camp at 23:00 May 14 from the Ukrainian military defeated 11 enemy attacks on the direct lines Gliboke – Liptsi, Luk'yantsi – Liptsi, Borisivka – Neskuchne, Shebekino (RF) – Vovchansk. Three combat battles were ongoing at that time.

“In the surrounding villages, in the areas of Lukyantsiv and Vovchanska, as a result of the influx of fire and assault operations of the enemy, in order to save the lives of our military servicemen, a unique amount of expenses was created We figured out the maneuver They have moved to more visible positions. “UAV of the Defense Forces,” the source said.

Where do the Russians go? spent 162 military service personnel, and 26 units of military equipment were also reduced and damaged.

Opening the gates of the Kharkov region

Guess what, the Russians began their offensive and direct routes from Vovchansk and Liptsi, Kharkiv region, 10 Travnya.

According to DeepState, the 12th century of the Russian Federation occupied Strilecha, Pilna, Krasne, Borisivka, Ogirtseve and Pletenivka. 13 May – the enemy captured Morokhovets, Oliynikov. On the 14th of May, the enemy will occupy the village of Luk'yantsi.

According to the words of the district police officer Kiril Budanov, on the 14th of May in the telethon, yesterday evening there was a trend towards stabilization, “the enemy is already blocking on these borders, come in now” .

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