• 16/04/2024 01:06

Georgia's military commitments for the participation of NATO and the United States have begun

Georgia is undergoing a military initiative for the special recognition “Trojan Trace”-2024. Together with the advancing two major armed forces of Georgia, the newly formed States, NATO member states and partners, they are working to reduce the spirtration within the framework of the military measure of partners and allies.

The Republic of Belarus informs about this. K-Ukraine with instructions to Georgia Online.

“Georgia, taking part in its third efforts, will further enhance its defense capabilities and operational intelligence with the NATO member countries,” the statement from the diplomatic service reads: This is the US Special Operations Command.”

The events are starting to take place simultaneously in Greece, Romania and Georgia. In addition to the Georgian and American military forces, representatives of Great Britain, Spain, Poland and Romania take part in the maneuvers. The Georgian Defense Ministry's military reserves and volunteers will also be available until now.

In the process of starting the war, military operations on land and at sea near the Western and Western Georgia are beginning to be withdrawn. As the press service of the Georgian Ministry of Defense reported, through the “Trojan Trail” there is an exchange of information between the countries and an increase in the level of combat readiness.

Apparently, in Poland the military development of the Dragon-24 is starting, which will enter the NATO military maneuver warehouse under the name Steadfast Defender-24. Between these maneuvers, Poland organizes the national forces of Dragon-24. Among the participants, besides the Polish military, there will be representatives from Spain, Great Britain, Turkey and Albania. These endeavors will involve the fate of approximately 20 thousand soldiers and 3,500 pieces of equipment from 10 NATO member countries.

“There will be military operations in these areas, and combat operations will also be carried out in the cyberspace,” – means the General Command.

The start of Dragon-24 will be to test the readiness of Poland's armored forces to respond to a possible global crisis of an armored nature. The main forces that will take part in the war will be the 11th Lyubuska Armored Cavalry Division, soldiers of the Special Forces, the Air Force, the Navy and the Terrestrial Defense.

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