• 23/04/2024 06:29

Germany raised air force to bury Russian fighters

German troops spotted a Russian flight in the sky over the Baltic.

About This is reported by RBC-Ukraine from messages sent to the UPS of Germany on the social network Twitter.

The Russian “IL-20” flew with a broken radio connection and without a flight plan.

“Today and Eurofighter z VPS Nimechchini destroyed the Chergovaya plant. The IL-20 aircraft was identified without a plan and sent radio communications,” the military reported.

NATO actions against Russian threats

Earlier we wrote that the Swedish and flights days ago Two floods took place near the border with Russia. This happened for the first time after Sweden joined NATO.

We were also informed that Poland received the assistance of NATO allies in case of Russian aggression.

The first NATO base was opened in Albania, in order to seize the reg. ion The Western Balkans against threats from the side of Russia.

Also on the evening of Finland, Sweden and Norway until the 15th, they will not continue the large-scale military initiative of the NATO countries.

Terms and conditions Important information about the Russian war against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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