• 18/06/2024 12:19

“Guys, I belong”: a resident of Luhansk region mobilized into the Russian army surrendered to border guards

The husband walked a distance of several kilometers, hiding from the drone, but accidentally reached the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"Guys, I belong to you": mobilized into the Russian army ></p>
<p> Illustrative photo < p>Border guards of the “Revenge” brigade in the Donetsk region captured a resident of the Lugansk region who had been mobilized into the Russian army. At night, he reached the positions of our anti-tank forces.</p>
<p>This is reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.</p>
<p>The detainee. had no means of protection and, according to him, was delivering food for the invaders. He traveled several kilometers, hiding from drops from a quadcopter, accidentally walked into the positions of the border guards and shouted to them in Ukrainian: “Guys, I belong.”</p>
<p>“They're broadcasting over the radio that a Russian fighter has fallen into our trench. the white light coming out of the trench immediately retreated to be met, as taught, at a perpendicular angle. “Journalist”.</p>
<p>The prisoner was given first aid and was handed over to law enforcement officers.</p>
<li>Ukraine plans to open another camp for Russian prisoners of war.</li > > </ul>
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