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Vovchansk on the map of combat actions. What to expect at the place

On the evening of the Kharkiv region, the Russian armies of the past Don and over three dozen attacks took place. It is time to fight for the place of Vovchansk, which is under constant fire.

For more details about what you can see at Vovchansk and near the place – read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine below.

Pid The hour of the Matereal Vikoristov was: Zvedennya General Staff ZSU, declare the riverbed of the General Staff Dmitra Likhiya, a member of the Golovy MVA Tamaz Gambarashvіli for “Radio Freedom”, Kerivnika CPD RNBO Andriya Kovalenka, MAI DEEPSTATE TA ISW. Zmist

  • Battles for Vovchansk: what is happening, the situation in the town
  • Where are the Russians still attacking
  • Defense lines in the Kharkiv region: what is the problem

Battles for Vovchansk: what is expected, the situation in the area

According to official information from the General Staff, the battle for the place of Vovchansk will continue. The enemy, having received significant forces to carry out an attack on the site of the warehouse with up to 5 battalions, does not suffer from power expenses. Only the Russian troops who were driven in this direction spent more than 100 occupiers for the spoils. At this time, as stated by the General Staff, the aggressor is achieving tactical success. Ukraine has planned to go so far as to reduce the enemy who has wedged itself into our defenses.

“The place is in control, for which battles are being fought. The place is now under the control of the ZSU,” said the head of the Vovchanska MVA Tamaz Gambarashvili today and added that 300-400 residents will lose their place.

It is significant that according to the words of the local authorities, the place is located only 4 km from the cordon from the Russian Federation. Therefore, on the map this route can vary from 6 to 10 km in a straight line.

Photo: in the immediate vicinity of the Vovchanska border with Russia (deepstate)

“Our military officers are conducting defensive operations, inflicting fire on the enemy, widely stagnating unmanned systems by conducting reconnaissance and launching pinpoint strikes to set maximum costs. We are raising reserves to stabilize the situation ii. During the assigned task to the military, one of the main priorities is saving our lives warriors,” reports the General Staff.

In parallel, Putin’s troops will continue their battles in the area. So, yesterday, the 12th of May, as a result of a series of massive shellings of various types, private buildings were damaged. 7 people were injured. The evacuation will continue.

In their opinion, the ISW Institute of War believes that the Russian attack on Vovchansk is a legacy of the Sunset policy, which means that Ukrainian forces cannot defeat the allied forces of the system for attacks on legitimate military purposes of the Russian Federation. Through the Rosiyani, the Snokarnati Bil Ukrainian Cordon, the upcoming ugly 5e9e7bbf3e.jpg ” />

Photo: ISW respects that the Russian attack on Vovchansk is the result of the Zakhod policy (understandingwar)

Analysts assume that the military of the Russian Federation is trying to clear Vovchansk, the fragments are approaching the very place through Bugruvatka, Staritsya and Izbytska at the entrance along the road C-210817 and through Vovchanski Khutori at the same time along the road O-210825. The ISW adds that the burying of any of these settlements by the occupiers would have cut off the value of the routes received from Vovchansky. Putin's forces are also increasingly shelling bridges across adjacent water bodies in order to isolate the Ukrainian defense of the place from other areas.

The Russians are still attacking

With their first advance on the Kharkov direct Until the week of May 12, the enemy launched 31 attacks. Combat actions are conducted on the straight lines Pilna – Luk'yantsi, Pilna – Gliboke, Pilna – Oliynikov, Murom – Bugruvatka.

In addition, the enemy conducts assault operations on the straight lines Strilecha – Gliboke, Oliynikov – Gliboke, Oliynikov – Luk 'yantsi, Murom – Staritsa, Pletenivka – Quiet.

We have reached 22 assault missions on these direct routes, of which 14 are still in action. The General Staff calls the operational situation in Kharkovsky directly complex, and one that is changing dynamically.

At the moment, DeepState analysts write that the Russian Federation has not yet succeeded in occupying the villages of Morokhovets, Oliynikova and Zelene.

< p>< img src="https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/b5b2d2f311321efff1a92f4da374f078.jpg" />

Photo: The Russians, apparently, occupied Morokhovets, Oliynikova and Zelene (deepstatemap)

Defense lines in the Kharkiv region: what is the problem

Kerivnik To the Center for the Prevention of Disinformation at the RNBO Andriy Kovalenko identified fakes that are spreading in the information space of one hundred defense lines on the Kharkiv direct. It was noted that along the very line of the fortification cordon it would not be possible, even if they were taken to work under heavy enemy fire.

“It’s impossible to have defensive lines at the border, because the technology and engineers would simply be at a loss if they could reach the Russians,” said Kovalenko.

Natomist, in his words, in the Kharkiv region there will be a Other defenses stinks are reliable.

“There are fights for Vovchansk, but the border. And the need to demarcate the enemy at the border and directly at Kharkov,” – Kovalenko added with respect, that the goal is to pin down the ZSU on someone's direct line, say command I will transfer part of the forces immediately.

KRIM TO, at the Vovchanzky MISKII VIISKOVID DMINISHIKHYA, ShO “Fortifykatsyinі sprudes in the cordon, Ale through the post -ryni, they were not easy.” As the head of the MBA Tamaz Gambarashvili said, the situation is complicated because the place is very close to the cordon.

For food about those who worked before, until the very onset of the Russian forces, the MBA seems to say that “maybe there will be no it was so gorgeous.”

“Everything has been resolved. But, perhaps, not so badly. After the deoccupation of the second century, Vovchansk is under constant shelling. Both mortars and artillery. So I repeat once again: from Vovchansk to the cordon 4 lometry. It was very important to carry out fortification procedures. I’ll say it again: to all the civil servants and military personnel who were based at these objects and reported maximum effort to create fortification disputes,” adding Gambarashvili.

It’s guessing that from 10 herbal Russian army moved to attack on the evening of the Kharkov region. As a result, several populated areas, apparently, have been caught up in the war that is still low in the “gray” zone. Once appointed to the General Staff of the ZSU, the goal is tactical success. The situation is complex and dynamic.

In addition, it became clear that during the Russian offensive, the commander of the OTuv “Kharkiv” was changed.

For more detailed information about the situation, read directly in the materials of RBC-Ukraine “Staging and offensive? What is the Russian Federation planning and starting a battle in the Kharkiv region.”

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