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Hamas released a video of one of the guarantors buried in Israel

The Palestinian organization Hamas published a video of an Israeli-American guarantor on My name is Gersh Goldberg-Paulin , which became the first proof that we saw serious injuries in the hour of being buried by militants during an attack on peaceful citizens of Israel on June 7, 2023.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via CNN.

Goldberg-Paulin, who was 23 years old, was stolen from the Nova music festival during the Hamas attack on Israel, when more than 1,200 people died and over 200 were taken into custody.

In front of the Palestinians The militants' video shows that part of his left hand is missing.

The video, released on June 7, shows how Goldberg-Paulin was taken into custody with a seriously wounded hand. A young woman, who was with him in Ukritte during the Hamas attack, says that his arm was injured when he helped dismantle the grenades.

The remaining video shows Goldberg-Paul sitting by the chair. Hour after hour, gesticulating with his wounded hand, he introduces himself and names the date of his birth and the names of his fathers. It seems that we will be here for “maybe 200 days.”

The person criticizes the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, how other Israeli guarantors worked in propaganda campaigns deo Hamas.

Department The FBI, in search of the guarantors, is working on the acquisition of the video.

The guarantors to Hamas

Of the 129 guarantors still stranded in Gaza, Israel counts 33 dead.

Goldberg-Paulin is one of the most recognized guarantors. In Jerusalem there are cherry blossom banners with the inscription: “Bring Gersh home,” and his fathers Rachel and Jonathan regularly meet with the US high-ranking officials in Washington to negotiate a settlement.

After publication of this video I'm Goldberg-Paulin, I want you to live peacefully calls for the release of their son and other guarantors who are still leaving in Gazi.

Attack on Israel

On June 7, 2023, Hamas militants attacked Israel. They killed more than a thousand and enslaved hundreds of people. Israel has launched a military operation against terrorists near Gazi.

This year, the militants raised about 120 people in exchange for Israel’s support for Palestinian ties.

The UN has identified cases of sexual violence against women under the hour Hamas attacks on Israel.

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