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Ukrainian pilots in France began preparations for training on F-16 fighters, – media

Ukrainian pilots are on average 20-22 years old.

Ukrainian pilots in France began preparations for training on F-16 fighters, - media

Four Ukrainian pilots began preparations for further training in France.

This is reported by BFMTV.

Ukrainian aviators will study in the same way as pilots of the French Air Force, but in half the time period. Classes will take place on simulators as well as on Alpha Jet aircraft, which have been retired and replaced by new Pilatus PC-21s. Student pilots will be required to fly 80 hours before starting training on the F-16,” the report said.

Ukrainian pilots have experience flying civil aircraft or training on L39 training aircraft, and are on average 20-22 years old , since “experienced pilots remained in Ukraine and fly aircraft as part of the Air Force.”

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After this training, which will last about 6 months, the pilots will switch to the F-16. They will study in the USA or one of the European countries.

At the same time, teams of technicians, including mechanics, will most likely study in the USA.

The crews are expected to be ready no earlier than the end of 2024 or even the beginning of 2025. During this time, the weapons with which the fighters are equipped must also be manufactured.

  • Dutch F-16 fighters arrived in Romania for pilot training.
  • Ukrainian students studying to become F fighter pilots -16 in Denmark and the US complete the curriculum. However, there is no need to talk about the timing of the delivery of aircraft to Ukraine.

  • In early April, the Air Force reported that Ukrainian pilots were honing their skills in flying F-16 fighters in Denmark and the United States. Technical staff are also trained.

  • Ukraine could deploy F-16 fighters as early as July, but only a few. To work with aircraft, 12 Ukrainian pilots must be ready for the summer.


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