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How to bring humanitarian aid to Ukraine in 1 quarter: clarification from the Ministry of Social Policy

In the 1st quarter, the import of humanitarian aid to Ukraine will be possible through the Automated Receiving System humanitarian assistance strategies.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this from a message sent to the Ministry of Social Policy on Facebook.

Last year in Ukraine, an automated system for registering humanitarian aid, a key function, was requested. go through the import procedure The appearance of the humanitarian is friendly and insightful.

As early as the first quarter, the transition period will end, which will allow graduates of the “humanities” to obtain a medium: paper or digital. You will lose one mechanism – a digital one.

How to deliver humanitarian aid for 1 quarter

So that the new rules for 1 quarter do not become unrecognized and the authorities could easily bring aid, and the Ukrainians will reject it, it’s obvious how they will get rid of it digital platform.

  • Go to the website good.gov.ua.
  • If you are not included in the Register of Humanitarian Assistance Providers, register with the CEP and confirm the details of the organization. This takes up a bunch of hvylin. More details in the video.
  • Fill in the data about the property and declaration in the system. Instructions for completing the request.
  • Opt out the unique code of humanitarian assistance.
  • Form a Declaration in the system.
  • Name this code before the hour of registration at the border.
  • To expand the vantage.
  • If there is a difference between the declaration and the actual withdrawal of goods, please fill in the inventory description in the inventory system. Watch the video for information on how to create an inventory list.
  • Submit an automatic call about your humanitarian assistance needs in the digital system. The data from the declaration or inventory list will be automatically updated.
  • Sometimes you have received a waiver when submitting an inventory list and you will contact us before the end of the month I am where the inventory description was submitted, or you can submit a clarifying call or an inventory description.

Detailed instructions for using the system can be found in the instructions. Also, following the instructions, you can find out the types of feeds that most often occurred during the implementation of the new rules.

How do you get feeds before registering and registering in the Automated Registration System humanitarian ї for further assistance, then contact the contact center of the DP IOC Ministry of Social Policy Ukraine at number (044) 494 19 10 or by e-mail callcenter@ioc.gov.ua.

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