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Hundreds of deaths have not changed. Ignat explained why today it was possible to save 18 missiles

While 18 missiles were shot down during the attack of 8 pm in Ukraine, 100 were shot down cha will be deprived of the same. At the same time, the Russian Federation is changing the number of targets under the hour of a new shelling.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this after sending a statement to Colonel, Riverman Command of the Military Forces of ZSU Yuri Ignat during the telethon.

“There are a great number of ballistic missiles, so they can be destroyed using methods that can work, such as Patriot. That's the result today, so it seems that a high level of destruction is not necessary. “is like it is,” he explained .

According to Ignat’s words, it’s clear that X-101 wanted to be beaten more, but 18 from 24 is also a bad result, avoiding such a number of methods of the wounded attack.

“Back up, reduce the attacks. Those , so there were 29 breasts – 158 people in the wind attack, then there were 134, now we have 59,” the speaker stated.

Shelling of Ukraine

Russian armies attacked Ukraine with a drone on the night of 8 September ami-kamikaze and missiles. Zokrem, 59 missiles of different types were deployed to attack the Russian Federation. 26 hostile targets were hit, 18 of them were missiles.

Zokrem, the attack fell on the Dnipropetrovsk region – Krivyi Rih, district and Novomoskovsk, Kharkiv region – Kharkiv and Zmiiv, Khmelnitsky region and Zaporizhzhya, Odeska region, Yaku the enemy attacked with drones. According to the remaining data, through a missile attack, 34 people recovered from their wounds, and four more died.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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