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Accidents, malfunctions and malfunctions in robot transport: what are the legacy of bad things in Ukraine

Ukraine is still in turmoil with hundreds of subscribers, the worst situation this is the light in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Also in the regions there are disruptions to public transport, and ice and strong winds caused fallen trees, congestion and accidents.

What is known about the legacy of disasters in various places – read in the RBC-Ukraine material below what.

During the hour of preparation of the material, the following were reviewed: data from Ukrenergo, the Ministry of Energy, DSNS, as well as statements from the municipal authorities, oblenergo and ZMI.

Over 400 settlements were destroyed

According to the Ministry of Energy, as many as 400 settlements were destroyed in Ukraine due to the deterioration of weather conditions – the accumulation of wet snow and ice. The situation is difficult in the Dnipropetrovsk region, where over 200 settlements are without electricity.

In this case, Ukrenergo will clarify that in the early hours of the bad weather – strong wind, wet snow, ice, 396 settlements have been destroyed. There are 202 settlements in the Dnipropetrovsk region, 79 in the Kirovograd region, 54 in the Mykolayiv region, 58 in the Odeska region, 1 in the Cherkasy region. ii and s For other reasons, 463 settlements are deprived of light.

In this case, through shelling, there is a new disruption in the electricity supply lines in the Donetsk, Kharkiv, and Kherson regions. One coal mining enterprise in the Donetsk region was liquidated. At the same time, Ukrenergo is saying that Rankov’s massive missile attack on the enemy has a lot of critical consequences for the energy system.

On the contrary, the rate of growth is lower than the forecast through the wounded anxiety and the large number of unsettled companions through the bad year. Later in the day, if the energy supply of the frantic inhabitants is renewed and the weather becomes colder, the situation may worsen due to a sharp increase in the population rate.

It is especially important for the inhabitants to stand up to the increase in energy consumption electrical appliances during the maximum hours of operation from 16:00 to 19:00.

Kiev region

About 9 thousand subscribers were left without electricity in the Kiev region. Emergency teams are working.

At the same time, power engineers indicate that power supply schedules will not stagnate.

Mykolayiv region

In the Mykolayiv region, the warriors announced the liquidation of the legacy of evil. There had been some ice on the roads for a while.

In Zokrema, near the Voznesensky district, due to the occasional wind, trees fell on the other parts, and in the town of Novy Bug, in the Bashtansky district, through a muddy road, a car flew into the ditches.

Before removing trees from roads and towing cars, stretching from 7 to 8 days ago, there were subdivisions of the Head Office of the DSNS of Ukraine near the Mykolayiv region.

By early morning 08:00 in the region, 54 settlements were connected through weather data, and another 8 were connected. Without light, there are over 22.5 thousand people living.

Photo: the situation on the roads of Mykolayiv region has become worse (mk.dsns.gov.ua)


At this hour On the streets of the Dnieper, municipal equipment also operates through bad times. The roads are being cleared and the salt-salt mixture is sizzling.

Photo: roads are being cleared near the Dnieper (t.me/suspilnenews)


In the Sumi region, in connection with the weather, trolleybuses and buses follow a modified schedule.

Today in the Sumy region the temperature fluctuates from -11 to -16 below zero, but it seems -21 -26.

There is also ice on the roads, added to the local DSNS.

Krivyi Rig

Due to extreme weather conditions, 15 thousand subscribers were connected to electricity in Krivyi Rig, having raised their heads for the sake of our defense hundred Oleksandr Vilkul.

In other words, through the daily supply of electricity, 4 boiler houses operate on generators in water circulation mode, and 2 pumping stations of the Moscow Water Canal also operate on generators.

Also, trolleybuses and trams do not operate through the electricity supply system. ї, and the Swiss trades frequently.

At the same time, buses, minibuses, and diesel-generator trolleybuses are working at the site.

Utility crews and excavators are clearing the rubble of trees. All municipal services in the area operate under a strong regime, and special equipment is used on the roads.


In Vinnytsia, utility services began working as early as 7 a.m. and are still operating in a heavy-duty mode.

The utility workers are working on the roads with de-icing equipment and clearing snow on the main streets. The city reported that public transport is constantly at a standstill on the line.

All trams, trolleybuses and buses are operating in a permanent warehouse. If it is possible to change the schedules, then the transport will be released at intervals – at regular intervals.

The city also reported a stormy wind that could reach 20 m/s today. In addition, significant snow, frost, snow on the roads, and icy conditions are forecast. The wind temperature may drop to -18 tomorrow.

Odessa region

Patrol police in the Odessa region are monitoring that transport by transport under the hour of changing weather minds may not be safe, as visibility is limited, There is a risk of accidents.

The roads in the area are already covered with ice in parts. Especially in the lower part of the region. It was snowing in places. In the afternoon, the cyclone will cover the entire region, and unfavorable weather will remain in place all day.

Also in Odessa, due to bad weather, tram route No. 20 does not run at all hours, reported the Odessa Electric Transport CP. The bus takes his place. In the Zagal region, there are 58 settlements without electricity.

That same hour, on Kulikovo Pole Square in Odessa, volunteers lit up a heating station.

Photo: in Odessa, volunteers set fire to the heating station (facebook.com) Lviv

At this hour, traffic jams appeared on the side of Lviv near the village of Sokilniki. Waters are ahead of the road.

Kirovograd region

In the Kirovograd region, energy officials reported that about 80 settlements have been destroyed.

Trouble in Ukraine

Guess what, before Ukrhydro The metcenter informed that on Monday, 8 The current weather in Ukraine is definitely going to be depressing.

Forecasters predicted ice and wet snow accumulation in the wet regions; in the Odessa region the wind would gust 15-20 m/s during the day. And in the central and similar areas there is significant snow, a storm, and wind gusts of 15-20 m/s. There is ice on the roads of Ukraine. The first level of insecurity, yellow, is deafening.

Details about the heavy snow cyclone and when warming sets in – Natalia Golenya, the deputy head of the weather forecast department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, told RBC-Ukraine .

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