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If the US did not help Ukraine, Russian drones would have flown to Europe, – Pentagon

Russia in 2022 could spare Ukraine independence and strengthen its territory ї drones to Europe. Helping Kiev from the side of the United States has led to this.

Celeste Wallander, the intercessor of the US Secretary of Defense for International Security, said this, RBC-Ukraine reported to the Voice of America.

“These UAVs , as you know, the Russians are attacking Ukrainian cities from Crimea, they could attack European capitals. Those missiles, like the Russians, are fighting against Ukrainian critically important energy. infrastructure, the stench would threaten US NATO allies,” Wallander said.< /p>

In these words, it’s important for Americans in Europe – from military personnel, businessmen, and ordinary citizens – to American students, what to expect from Europe.

Everyone who has won the American support for Ukraine and us in front of the courage and mastery of Ukrainians, Wollander has been reconstituted.

The threat persists

And the threat to Europe is still relevant in the light of the votes in the US Congress to help Ukraine, Wallander said.

“The Ukrainians have started to fight, they are wiping out the Russians, they have stopped their operations in the Black Sea, they have resumed grain exports, ensuring the global war is indispensable. , spare parts, requirements at the front, then we can completely turn to the scenario 2022 until the threat of shelling of Europe,” Wallander observes.

Vona said that the Received States are in 16th place in the world from the point of view of the country’s GDP before the given aid to Ukraine i.

The intercessor of the US Secretary of Defense also formulated what Ukraine's victory looks like:

“Ukraine, which continues to lose a sovereign power recognized within its internationally recognized cordons, is independent a country that independently determines its policy of national security , its foreign policy. Its economic policy is determined by the Ukrainian people and their democratically elected government. And these are the goals that we set for ourselves,” she said.

Wallander also noted that there is a lot of speculation about the possibility of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, but also said that only the Ukrainians themselves are left to decide. And the United States, in their words, supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, its sovereignty, independence and the right to acquire.

Help for Ukraine

It seems likely that the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, stated that Putin is not kicking that we can survive in Ukraine. Vin said that Putin is “a companion who doesn’t know where his borders end and begin.”

Ukraine’s possible shock is the significant presence of “the Russian army on the borders of Europe,” said Vin. “This means that Putin might think: if he won once, why couldn’t he win the next time?” – said Borrell.

At the end of 2023, US President Joe Biden approached Congress with a request for more than 105 billion dollars to help Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. As part of this program, Ukraine will have to deduct over 60 billion dollars. Prote will close with the fierce support of the Republicans in the House of Representatives to Congress.

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