• 24/07/2024 23:10

Russia holds a launch vehicle with a salvo of up to eight missiles in the Mediterranean, – Navy

There are a total of five enemy ships in the Black and Azov Seas.

Russia holds a launch vehicle with a salvo of up to eight missiles in the Mediterranean Sea, – Navy ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet there is one enemy ship in Azov. There is one enemy launch vehicle in the Mediterranean Sea with a load of up to eight calibers.

The Ukrainian Navy reported this.

“As of 08:00 on 02/09/2024, there are 4 enemy ships in the Black Sea, 1 enemy ship in the Azov Sea. In the Mediterranean Sea there are 2 enemy ships, including 1 carrier of caliber cruise missiles, a total salvo of up to 8 missiles,” – .

During the day, in the interests of Russia, the following passed through the Kerch Strait:

  • to the Sea of ​​Azov – 10 ships, of which 3 were moving from the Bosphorus Strait;
  • < li >to the Black Sea – 7 ships, of which 4 continued moving towards the Bosphorus Strait.

In total, Russia keeps 7 ships in the seas

In addition, the Navy notes that Russia continues to violate the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 (SOLAS ), turning off automatic identification systems (AIS).

  • During the full-scale war, the Defense Forces disabled about a third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Ukrainian military disabled 24 Russian ships and one submarine.
  • According to data from open sources, at the beginning of the large-scale invasion, the Russian Black Sea Fleet consisted of 74 warships.
  • Budanov allowed attacks on Russian military infrastructure to intensify. The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate said that hypothetically there is a plan to to which these attacks occur, and it includes all major critical infrastructure and military installations.


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