• 13/06/2024 03:16

In Cherkassy, ​​a fire truck rammed a trolleybus: two injured

The driver was moving with the flashing lights on at a red traffic light.

In Cherkasy, a fire truck rammed a trolleybus: two victims

A large-scale accident occurred in the center of Cherkasy on Wednesday. At the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard and Nebesna Hundred Street, a fire truck drove into a trolleybus.

As the Cherkasy police report on their Facebook page, the driver of the rescue vehicle was moving through a red traffic light with flashing lights on – this is what traffic rules require Give priority to special vehicles from other participants.

When crossing an intersection, a fire truck collided with a trolleybus. After the impact, the passenger vehicle was carried onto the sidewalk, where it damaged 5 more parked cars.

Doctors had to hospitalize a 61-year-old trolleybus passenger who was injured. A minor woman was also injured. Another four passengers and four employees of the State Emergency Service refused to go to the hospital, and were examined by doctors on the spot.

The police recorded an accident, a pre-trial investigation is underway into violation of traffic safety rules under the relevant article of the Criminal Code.

  • Seven people were injured in Kyiv due to a collision between a minibus and a truck.
  • In the Odessa region, the driver of a car died, his 5-year-old son was taken to the hospital.


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