• 13/06/2024 02:50

In the Russian Federation they seem to be talking about attacks on Belgorod (video and photos)

Near Belgorod (Russian Federation) on the night before the 9th of May a sprout of vibukhs appeared and they began to burn place, and the reason is said to be shelling. Before this, a number of times in the region there was widespread alarm over the “missile threat.”

RBC-Ukraine reported this in a letter to the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov and local publics.

Yes , in a statement from the regional security service it is stated that the missile alert siren was activated all night near the Belgorod region at 00:54, 03:12 and 04:00 (after the local hour).

In the meantime, public footage From the bumps and stops of Belgorod, from the fires and damaged and burnt cars.

In Russian Telegram channels they write that there were damaged booths on Slovyanskaya Street, there was nothing there ” vluchannya”. It is also reported about the deprivation through the fire of the car, the zokrema, on the Kharkiv Mountain and on Gubkina Street.

The reason why the place itself was attacked is not specified.

Representatives of the local government also cannot imagine the data of the great victims.

The news is being updated..

Read terminology and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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