• 22/06/2024 21:06

Aid to Ukraine from Finland reaches 3 billion euros

The country's president announced this figure during his visit to Germany.

Aid to Ukraine from Finland reached 3 billion euros

Alexander Stubb and Olaf Scholz

Finnish President Alexander Stubb said that the amount of assistance to Ukraine , which his state provided, already amounted to 3 billion euros.

As Ukrinform writes, 2 billion were used to purchase defense equipment, and another billion went to the development of our country.

Stubb also reaffirmed his participation in the upcoming Peace Summit, which will be hosted by Switzerland in June.

Scholz thanked Finland for helping Ukraine and warned that “the war will last longer than I would like to,” so Ukraine needs to be supported as long as necessary.”

“We all must do more,” answered the President of Finland.

  • Finland is seeking to build a TNT plant together with its NATO allies.
  • The country will join patrols in the Black Sea.



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