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TOP 5 high-paying professions: who earns the most in Ukraine

The availability of professional skills is taking place in high-paying areas . Employers are promoting annual salaries to qualified specialists in various fields – and this is not least for IT specialists and top managers.

RBC-Ukraine is bringing a flood of vacancies to the market with high salaries.

When preparation vikorist: analytical news and vacancies on the job search portal Work.ua, data from the State Employment Service.


  • Work with the highest salaries in Ukraine

  • You can earn up to 150 thousand. UAH: TOP 5 professions

  • Wages will grow in some places

Work with the highest salaries in Ukraine

The ranking of vacancies with the highest salaries on job search portals in Ukraine consistently favors IT specialists. Robot sellers will sell up to 100 thousand. UAH for completion of work with extensive programming language. Rozrobnik C++ can calculate 95 thousand. UAH, Golang developer – 90 thousand. UAH, Angular-robotnik – 80 thousand. UAH

Also, high salaries are advertised for vacancies among top management of companies. For example, the average salary of a marketing director is 55 thousand. UAH, but specialists can earn 150-200 thousand. UAH is important in the field of activity of the company.

The annual rate of payment is due to military services for mobilization. Military companies publish vacancies on job search portals for specialists of the Defense Forces in various fields: from tankers, UAV operators, artillerymen to repairmen and robot workers. The salary level will be 20 thousand. UAH up to 125 thousand. UAH from the disarmament of military orders and orders.

You can earn up to 150 thousand. UAH: TOP-5 Professi

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Dental clinics publish vacancies for orthodontists, ceramists, implantologists, and dental therapists. The average salary starts at 40 thousand. UAH, but specialists should prove it and over 100 thousand. UAH

Screenshot work.ua

Sered could get an orthodontist a salary of 70-120 thousand. UAH up to 1 day of work, in addition to high medical knowledge, it is important to know current techniques and technologies in the field of orthodontics

  • Specialist in the sale of soft tissue

Managers in the sale of soft tissue have an average salary of 40 thousand. UAH For vacancies, indicate the level of income, which is based on the rates and % of the wages. Agencies with non-rumination are estimated at 50-150 thousand. UAH for specialists with information.

Screenshot work.ua

The duties of a realtor or a hearing loss specialist include working with a database of objects, selecting objects for buyers, and conducting reviews th negotiations, consulting clients.

  • Trader

The average salary of a trading specialist is 49 thousand. UAH Companies are looking for professionals in various fields: trading in the securities market, finance, on crypto exchanges, in the agricultural sector, energy.

Up to the point, a trader in an energy company You can earn up to 150 thousand. UAH.

Screenshot work.ua

The trader’s responsibilities include analysis of the electricity market, conducting transactions of purchase/sale of electricity on trading platforms, development of strategies for the purchase and sale of electricity on international markets. To achieve the results of robots in a similar plant from 2 rocks, the beginning of robots with special platforms, the development of robots with the import and export of electricity.

  • Business Analyst

For business analyst vacancies, the average salary is 40 thousand. UAH The amount of income depends on the qualifications of the specialist and the effectiveness of the work. Also, robot sellers are able to obtain detailed knowledge of robots using specialized programs and databases, understanding business processes, regularly analyzing and optimizing information.

Screenshot work.ua

On the portals, search robots to demonstrate the position of a business analyst in logistics, a gas company, and in the production of robotic equipment. The salary can be 70 thousand. UAH.

  • Rebar

Repair and renovation specialists can earn 40-80 thousand. UAH This kind of income can be seen in the vacancy of a valve fitter in one of the Kiev car repair shops.

Screenshot work.ua

The candidate is extorted to the fullest extent of robots for 2 years. The duties include: work in disassembling/assembling middle-class cars; plastic repair; replacing tires on cars; defects in vehicles after road accidents during selection.

In some areas, salaries are increasing

According to the portal Work.ua, in the year 2024, average salaries increased at the lower end:

  • Indestructibility – 40 thousand. UAH, 7% equalized with birch;

  • Transport, auto business – 27 .5 thousand UAH, +6%;

  • Telecommunications and calls – 22 thousand . UAH, +5%;

  • Marketing, advertising, PR – 24 thousand . UAH, +4%;

  • Distribution trade – 16.5 thousand. UAH, +3%;

  • Hotel and restaurant business, tourism – 18 yew. UAH, +3%;

  • Logistics, warehouse, ZED – 19 thousand . UAH, +3%.

Currently, a change in the level of payment for vacancies in top management, insurance, finance, and law is expected.

The average salary in Ukraine has been hovering around 20 thousand for three months. UAH.

Kiev is in the lead, where the average salary for vacancies on Work.ua is 22.5 thousand. UAH Next come Lviv region and Odessa region (20 thousand UAH each).

It seems that according to the State Statistics Service, the average monthly nominal salary of Ukrainians in 2023 increased by 17.5% to UAH 17,442. With this, the average inflation was 12.9%.

Previously, we also wrote that the knowledge of the English language is driving up wages.

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