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In Milan, sales of frozen food may be blocked after the opening night: what is the reason

I. TI sales of the frozion PISLAL OPINECHI. The main argument is the turbulent daily life of the place.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a post to The Guardian.

The defender of Milan's mayor for huge security, Marco Granelli, recently voted on the proposal to protect sales of the city. wine after the evening in popular areas of the city with nightlife.

Following Granella’s proposal, bars and restaurants will also have to close their outdoor areas from 00:30 on weekdays and from 1:30 at night Weekdays. In this way, the local administration plans to change the number of bedchambers on the streets and bring peace and quiet to local residents.

Once praised, the innovation will begin in the coming month until the leaves begin to fall.

Although pizza is also included in a wide range of products that can be taken for wine, as the fence expands, to get out of the freezing cold in the evening and table tops It is an unknown part of Italian culture that the prospect of frequent succumbing to the defense is too unpleasant for the rich.

Position of business

“What does the average Italian family do? They go for a walk after dinner and eat in the cold. This is a classic tradition, and it is understandable that you are involved in this type of cultural tradition, people will not be happy,” said the general secretary of the Milanese branch of Confcommercio Association of Italian Traders Marco Barbieri.

Barberi stated that he feels the rise of those who live in the glamorous areas of the night life, prote, in my opinion, the fence on wine will not solve the problem.< /p>

“The rule that prevents people from drinking a glass of water, eating frosty or drinking during the hour of a walk with Darsen, there is nothing to believe, as many people will still be lost on the street,” said Vine.

Wake up , so that the fence will expand to 12 districts, including the central districts of Brera and Ticinese, as well as Darsena, Arco della Pace and Lazzaretto, as well as on the old streets of Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi.

Guess what, we wrote earlier, that New York could become the first place in the United States, where waters will have to pay for congestion.

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