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Murder of a policeman in the Vinnytsia region: the attackers were detained (updated)

They were detained in the Odessa region. The attackers turned out to be a father and son, military men.

Murder of a policeman in the Vinnytsia region: the attackers were detained ( updated)

In the Odessa region, attackers on police officers in the Vinnytsia region were detained. They face life imprisonment. This was announced by the head of the National Police of Ukraine Ivan Vygovsky.

The attackers were detained with force support special forces KORD. The attackers are two military men, father and son, 52 and 26 years old, natives of the Vinnytsia region.

As reported by the Office of the Prosecutor General, the man was detained in the village of Lipetsk, Podolsk region, Odessa region.

A policeman who died in the line of duty while defending his partner, who was attacked first, managed to fire shots and wound the attackers.

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Update. As Zerkalo Nedeli reports, the detainees said the reason for the attack was the transportation of military grenades.

“They were in an abandoned building and intended to leave the border of Ukraine. What (the motives – ed.) actually were, the investigation will find out,” said National Police representative Elena Berezhnaya on the telethon.

Investigators have initiated criminal proceedings under Art. 348 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – murder or attempted murder of a law enforcement officer in connection with the performance of his official duties. The sanction of the article provides for life imprisonment.

Procedural guidance in the pre-trial investigation is provided by the Vinnitsa Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the field of defense of the Southern region.

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Murder of a policeman in the Vinnytsia region: the attackers were detained (updated)

  • On April 20, at about 2 a.m., police officers stopped the Gaysinsky district of the Vinnytsia region to check the car in which there were two men. The attackers opened fire on the police. A 20-year-old law enforcement officer died from his injuries, and his partner was wounded.
  • Later, the attackers’ car was found in the Vinnitsa region.
  • The entire police force of the Vinnytsia region and neighboring regions was focused on detaining the attackers, and a special police operation was introduced.


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