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Shooting of police officers. The suspects wanted to leave Ukraine and named the reason for the attack

Suspected attacks on police officers in the Vinnytsia region were planned to flow from Ukraine neither. After the arrest, they told law enforcement officers the reason for the destruction.

The process was revealed by National Police officer Olena Berezhna, reports RBC-Ukraine in a telethon broadcast.

“They were in abandoned life, and were planning to go beyond the border of Ukraine. It was established that the reason for the attack was that they were transporting military grenades. But, as it was true, we will explain the trace stvo”, – Berezhna said.

As you can see, the attackers were two military servicemen – Father and Son. Father, according to Berezhnaya, was able to injure one of the law enforcement officers, who had attacked him with sin.

“You have been given medical assistance. He is alive,” said the National Police officer.

Investigators, police officers and prosecutors work against suspects. Also, according to Berezhnaya’s words, the relevance of the suspected sabotage and intelligence groups is being verified.

“The reasons for this attack on police officers will be established soon,” she added.

Attack on police officers near Vinnytsia ій area

Near the Vinnytsia region yesterday, the 20th quarter, two men attacked police officers when they stopped their car for inspection. During the attack there was a shooting, as a result of which one of the law enforcement officers died. It was clear that the deceased had injured one of the attackers.

The attackers came from the scene, and for their pranks, a special police operation was introduced in Vinnytsia and surrounding regions. It was clear that the attackers were military servicemen from one of the military units.

Yesterday, law enforcement officers found the car of the criminals and found ammunition in it. And today it became known about the cover-up and the attackers themselves. They were widely heard in the Odessa region. Now they are threatened with permanent punishment.

For more details about the attack on police officers near the Vinnytsia region, read the material from RBC-Ukraine.

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