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In the city of Odessa they showed the remains of a Russian missile attack on the city

In Odessa, as a result of the hostile missile attack, Russian fire pits cherі 1 travnya, in the place there was a bula Civil infrastructure has been completed. In the city they showed a video about the legacy of the blow.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from messages on Telegram from the mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, and the head of the Odessa regional administration, Oleg Kiper.

“Chergova Russian attack ballistics in Odessa. The civil infrastructure has been destroyed, the soldiers are fighting against a large-scale fire,” the measure states.

As soon as the OVA was confirmed, in Odessa the number of victims of the missile attack increased to 14 people. Before this, 13 victims were reported.

So, as a hospital administrator, one person was hospitalized at a mid-level hospital.

“Assistance has been given to all others at the scene. Law enforcement is detecting the evil crime of the Russians against the civilian population,” said Kiper.

Heirs missile attack on Odessa on 1 May (photo: t.me/odeskaODA)

Due to the Russian shelling in the city, the civilian infrastructure, including the postal warehouses, was transferred to the OVA

“The liquidation of the fire is in progress. Most of the booths have broken windows,” – to having given Kiper.

“Ours structures to carry out the lining of the living quarters, which is known to be on hand, to detect broken windows and doors,” Trukhanov reproved.

Shelling of Odessa 1st May

Previously it was reported that it was late in the evening of 1st May The renewed anxiety due to the threat of hostile attacks from the stagnation of the ballistic armor in Odessa caused vibrations.

In the Odessa region, the military administration later learned that as a result of the Russian missile strike in the area, 13 people were injured, and a severe fire also burned.

It also became clear that Odessa under Russian missile attack They destroyed the sorting depot and branch of the “New Post”. A video has appeared about the “influx” of the NP objects in the city.

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