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Speakers of the parliaments of Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries will conduct food safety

The speakers of the parliaments of Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries will hold food safety in Poland Bialystok area. Leaders of parliaments may intend to confirm their unity against the threats that are currently collapsing.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a post on Wnp.pl.

Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Shi mon Golovnya meaning , having requested colleagues from neighboring countries to discuss sleeping arrangements. The town of Bilostok is perfect for zustricha for a reason.

“So here, so close to the border with Belarus and Lithuania, the possibilities and threats that confront us are sharpening, so that we talk about it here, and not quietly in Warsaw,” the speaker told the Sejm.

For his words, the request to introduce Bilostok was accepted by all speakers. In the near future, the “renewal” of the partnership bodies of local self-government between the countries will be discussed. Golovnya indicated that a signal would be sent from the place saying “we stand together.”

It is important to emphasize that in times of uncertainty it is necessary to show that not only do we support each other, but also our spouses support each other. “We are obliged to be friends one with another and draw closer as spouses,” he said.

In response to the question, it turns out that the Chernevsky Samit will provide concrete assistance for Ukraine, Golovnya noted that Every year it is necessary to work no less “harsh speeches”, like breaking order, and “soft speeches”, like parliamentary diplomacy.

“If you will not work on these soft speeches, so as to meet one after another, to stir up discussions, to turn people around, then there will be no one to vote for the orders, so as to stop the harsh speeches,” the speaker affirmed.

Vin One suspects that the package itself will be followed by a comprehensive declaration, which will indicate the speakers' final visit to Ukraine. “You can say: these are symbolic gestures, but these are symbolic gestures that work,” said Golovnya.

Then, having added wine, then the commands work on the form of the declaration, which, as it turns out, will be accepted from the devil.

It is significant that Bialystok is a neighboring town of Golovnia. In new countries, the virus began at schools and lyceums.

News of Ukraine from Poland

For example, Polish farmers unblocked all checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.

The Polish order has live out the term reboot Ukrainian refugees. However, for the withdrawal of payments, there will be a decision.

At the same time, the government of Poland can issue residence permits to Ukrainian military personnel.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine Read them on the channelRBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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