• 16/04/2024 12:59

In the Donetsk region, a policeman tragically died while on duty

The policeman was 41 years old.

Killed policeman Andrey Trush

In the Donetsk region, while on duty, policeman Andrey Trush, who worked in the Pokrovsky district, tragically died.

This was reported by the Ministry of Impressive Affairs.

“The district officer remained faithful to his oath until his last breath: he saved people in Uglegorsk and Mariupol surrounded by the enemy, and now served under fire in the Pokrovsky district,” the ministry noted. They also added that the policeman’s life was cut short yesterday, March 8. He remains 41 years old forever.

Eternal memory.

On February 27 in the Sumy region, two policemen were killed and 4 more were wounded due to Russian shelling. The investigation team went to document the consequences of shelling on the farm building.


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