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In the open court. Why should Kolomoisky sit in prison and how many fates does he threaten?

On May 8, the National Police reported that a prominent Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is suspected of the fact that having covered up the murder of a lawyer. The incident took place back in 2003. The businessman, who is already sitting in a pre-trial detention center according to the BEB and NABU, was informed about the new episode and handed over to the suspect.

What evils are suspected of Igor Kolomoisky and why the investigation for 2003 has not ended the term from recent times, from materials RBC-Ukraine .

During the preparation of the material, information from official and secret sources, as well as comments from RBC-Ukraine spy correspondents, was obtained from law enforcement agencies.

place :

  • On the right opposite the Kolomoisky Shodo PrivatBank
  • Kolomoisky is suspected of being assassinated
  • Term of limitation: how many fatalities can threaten Kolomoisky

On the right against Kolomoisky shodo PrivatBank

2 June 2023 The SBU and BEB announced that they suspect Igor Kolomoisky of legalizing a billion dollars of hryvnias by the way of their expulsion beyond the border. All the machinations of this right took place between 2013 and 2020.

In five days – 7 June, NABU detectives have already handed over their suspicion to Kolomoisky. They called the businessman from Zavolodina 9.2 billion hryvnias. Having become an evildoer before 2015, he was the final beneficiary of PrivatBank, demanding that the department pay the offshore company the named sum in the name of a reverse buy-out bond for a protected property. Offshore, in its own way, also belongs to Kolomoisky.

The third suspect was again handed over to the oligarch by security officers from the SBU. For this information, the businessman’s associates detailed documents showing that Kolomoisky contributed 5.8 billion hryvnias to Privat from the beginning of 2013 to the beginning of 2014. The fictitious payments allowed him to withdraw real money – the whole amount was paid to Kolomoisky in the bank. They paid for their business activities, used them for loans, transferred food and sent them abroad.

Before the speech, I will remain on the right Kolomoisky’s comments at the Shevchenko court. Behind your words, suspicions look amazing. It turns out that the budget of Privat has gone through a mess, but without noticing anyone.

“To realize that from the end of the era of evil, from the cruelty of 2014 to the beginning of 2016, when nationalization took place, today papers were issued and it was written that there were 10 billion, but in reality there were 4.2 billion . Today hundreds of people who work at the bank, signed the papers. It is acceptable that there were certificates that said that there were no pennies, but in just two years and 10 months people had not been at work for a long time, there were other people who also received everything. signed”, – Vyn stated.

The RBC-Ukraine spy agency reports from law enforcement agencies that a number of fatalities were investigated on the right about 9.2 billion. The library's collection contains approximately 2.5 thousand volumes. Today the oligarch is sitting at the SBU pre-trial detention center, on Askoldovy Provulk. At the end of the fall of 2023, the Shevchenkivskyi District Court continued a successful exit for the oligarch with an alternative to exiting the outpost for 3.7 billion UAH. At the bitter end of 2024, the Kiev court deprived Kolomoisky of custody until the 25th quarter, changing the outpost to UAH 2.4 billion. On the 22nd quarter, the court once again extended a successful exit for Kolomoisky, again changing the outpost – now it will set 1.96 billion UAH.

Kolomoisky is suspected of murdering in the first place

On May 8th, the National Police reported that Kolomoisky was handed a criminal suspicion, but never in an economical crime. They suspect that in 2003, he plotted the murder of a lawyer, who had the idea of ​​spying on him.

According to the investigation, in 2003, Kolomoisky decided to profit from the work of a metallurgical plant, le sbori shareholders yakimos They didn’t allow him to earn money. That’s why I became a lawyer for a law firm, which took part in the secret gatherings of shareholders. You should ask your lawyer to discuss the resolution of the collection, and then convince you. The oligarch threatened, but the lawyer stood his ground.

Wanting to take revenge, he obtained four members of the evil gang through his security company. In the spring of 2003 near Feodosia, a stink caught up with a lawyer who was leaving the store in the middle of the day. The attackers immediately began to beat the man with a piece of rebar and a knife. Yogo was wounded in the chest, but his back lives. The lawyer's squad screamed as they shouted for help and the doctors began to take care of the patient's life.

For several days, the attackers were washed down, and later they were imprisoned, giving them 6 to 12 years of imprisonment. Obviously, information about those who were the culprits of the crime was kept in the dungeon for a troubling hour – indicating the infiltration of the oligarch into various pro-government structures, the RBC-Ukraine spy agent reports to law enforcement agencies.

” Too many rocks an anti-investigation was carried out. This included the oligarch’s connections in other government and law enforcement agencies,” Dzherelo says.

For attempting to drive in, at any rate, Kolomoisky is threatened with 15 fatalities of imprisonment.

Limitation term: how many fatalities can Kolomoisky be threatened with

Yak The National Police has published information about According to Kolomoisky’s damn suspicion, social circles immediately began to discuss the term “prescription of evil”. Dzherela RBC-Ukraine has been identified by law enforcement agencies – the terms have not passed and Kolomoisky can still be tried before the law.

Spivrozmovniks note that in 2005, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, which at that time was headed by Svyatoslav Piskun, praised the imprisonment of Kolomoisky as accused of attempting to kill a lawyer. Then, before the court, they filed a petition about the oligarch’s assault on the vicinity of Trimannia under Varta. For whatever reason that same day, the Prosecutor General's Office exclaimed its praise, and then immediately said it.

Later, in 2013, before the court, the indictment of the organized group that committed this crime, the pre-trial investigation body saw, in addition to the resolution, materials “about a person, in commercial interests and on the terms of any members of this group the designated crimes were carried out.” Obviously, we are talking about Kolomoisky.

“Then the patient tried to resuscitate him on the right before the deputy swung at his killing. Ale yo statement from his drive was lost without consideration – Kolomoisky Mav significant influx and threatening the lawyer through other people. That’s why the patient was living behind the cordon for a difficult time “, says the RBC news outlet. Ukraine.

In terms of terms – for Article 49 of the CPC Ukraine, a person is being held accountable for a particularly serious crime, since 15 years have passed since his death. Looking at those who suspect Kolomoisky as evildoers, it was discovered in 2003, the term of attraction to certainty may end in the spring of 2018.

Prote, Article 49, paragraph 3 talks about those that the term of limitation is interrupted, because a person has committed a new crime. Doctors who Kolomoisky in 2013-14, under suspicion of BEB, committed another particularly serious crime, the term of his criminalization will increase until 2028.

Var then also mean that the trial of Kolomoisky may rightly be pending in Krim, the remains of the evils will be recorded in Feodosia. Even though the fragments of the constructions were quickly recuperated by the Russians, the Supreme Court for the sake of justice may decide to look into Kolomoisky’s case.

Also, the Supreme Court may consolidate all the episodes behind the suspicions of BEB , NABU and now NP . If nothing happens, all three facts will be examined side by side and a decision will be made on them. It's time for the National Police to prepare for the trial, where there is news about Kolomoisky's late entry.

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