• 17/04/2024 14:07

In the Tauride direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed more than 300 occupiers and 80 units of Russian equipment

During the day, 59 engagements occurred.

In the Tauride direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed more than 300 infidels and 80 units of Russian equipment

During the past 24 hours, in the direction. In particular, 80 units of enemy military equipment were destroyed.

This was reported by the commander of the Tavria group of troops, Alexander Tarnovsky.

According to the commander, the enemy intensified assaults in the Tavria direction. 59 combat contacts per day, 42 air strikes.

“Yesterday the invaders concentrated their efforts in the Donetsk region. The enemy also carried out 879 artillery shellings and significantly increased the use of various UAVs. Our last soldiers destroyed 56 units. In addition, the invaders had one less ZK,” wrote General Tarnavsky .

The total losses of the invaders over the past 24 hours amounted to 338 people and 80 units of military equipment.

In particular, 4 tanks, 8 armored fighting vehicles, 4 artillery systems, 2 air defense systems, 4 vehicles, 2 units of special equipment and 1 enemy warehouse with ammunition.


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