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Israelis blamed for attacks on Hezbollah bases in Lebanon, – IDF

Israeli aircraft carried out strikes on two bases of a terrorist organization ii Hezbollah near Lebanon.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message sent to the Telegram channel of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The Israeli side claims that such strikes were carried out recently with the help of iv.

The IDF confirmed that the Hezbollah military base in the Meis El-Jabal area was attacked, as well as the Hezbollah military base in the Tayr Harf area on the day of Lebanon.

“Earlier today, IDF artillery opened fire to pose a threat in the Chebaa area to Lebanon,” the Israeli military said.

Hezbollah attacks

Apparently, “Hezbollah” (“Party of Akhal” or “Party of God”, taken from the Koran) is a militarized Lebanese Shiite organization and a political party that stands for the establishment of Islam in Lebanon powers. The organization was created during the huge war in Lebanon in 1982 by a group of radical Shiite clerics for financial support to Iran. This is how they voted for the “insurgency for the occupation” of part of Lebanon by Israel.

Hezbollah is recognized as a terrorist organization in the lower regions, as well as by the European Union.

On the surface and operations against Hamas near Sector Gaza, Hezbollah fighters began firing rockets at Israeli territory and American military installations in neighboring countries.

Zokrema, 7th quarter, the Israeli Defense Forces aircraft hit targets near the Beqaa Valley at the descent of Lebanon. The purpose of the latest attack was a massive Hezbollah attack on the border with Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country is ready to start a war with Lebanon rupovannyam.

On the 8th of today, the senior commander of Hezbollah Radwan died in Lebanon as a result of the Israeli strike.

Additionally, on the 8th quarter, Israeli media reported that the IDF had liquidated a Hezbollah elite commander from Lebanon. And on the 14th of April, after Iran’s massive attack on Israel, it became clear that the IDF had hit a great bomb site in Lebanon.

Iran’s combined attack on Israel

Previously It was announced that it’s the 14th of April Iran launched dozens of strike drones and missiles into Israeli territory.

It is significant that the cause of the large-scale attack was the fact that on the 1st of April Israel hit the Iranian embassy in Syria. Apparently, literally two years later, Iran controlled the attack from the rebels.

It was reported that “dozens of missiles” were launched from Lebanon in response to Israel, and the IDF launched an attack on a number of Russian structures in Lebanon. Similar attacks occurred in Iraq and Yemen. Iran has launched over 300 drones and missiles into Israel.

It is clear that Israel is already planning a “serious response” to the unprecedented launch of drones and missiles from Iran. In this case, Israel decided to coordinate the response with its allies. The report on the legacy of the attack is from RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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