• 29/05/2024 14:53

“Shaheds” in the skies of Ukraine sound the same as in the skies of the Middle East, – Zelensky

At Headquarters, the necessary actions to restore generation and key energy facilities were discussed.

/p> Vladimir Zelensky

Today at Headquarters there was a report by Commander-in-Chief Syrsky on those areas where the hottest issues are. Special attention is given to the battles during the Yar, the battles in the Pokrovsky direction, in Kupyansky.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke about this in his address.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Umerov also reported on the implementation of contracts for the supply of shells and drones, as well as electronic warfare.

“Today at Headquarters there was a separate and detailed conversation about the use of electronic warfare and the protection of critical infrastructure. This applies, in particular, to energy – what is protected and what, unfortunately, was not sufficiently protected. There will be appropriate conclusions,” the president promised.

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Vladimir Zelensky noted that at Headquarters the necessary actions to resume generation and key energy facilities were discussed, and there was also a report on the state protection of critical infrastructure in areas near the front and in border areas.

“Two important intelligence reports – by the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Ivashchenko and the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Budanov – regarding Russian actions in the spring and summer. What we must be prepared for is in all formats of possible hostile actions. It is obvious that the madness in the Kremlin is still strong, the occupier will try to intensify offensive assault operations. We will respond,” the Supreme Commander-in-Chief announced.

The President held meetings today on working with partners in the coming weeks. The first priority will be air defense and weapons for our warriors on the front line.

“Now the whole world has seen from the actions of the allies in the skies of Israel and neighboring countries how truly effective unity can be in defense against terror if sufficient political will is the basis of unity. Israel, America, Great Britain, France and Jordan acted together. Maximum efficiency. Together, they did not allow terror to prevail,” the president recalled.

He emphasized that Israel is not a member of NATO, and nothing like activating Article 5 was needed. And no one was drawn into the war. They simply helped protect life.

Shahedas in the skies of Ukraine sound the same as in the skies of the Middle East. Ballistics hit everywhere anyway if you don’t shoot them down. The skies of Europe could have long ago received exactly the kind of protection that is needed if Ukraine had similar full support from partners in shooting down drones and missiles.

Terror must lose everywhere and completely, and not somewhere more, and sometimes less,” the head of state emphasized.

Vladimir Zelensky said that today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway is visiting Ukraine. Our teams have completed negotiations with Norway on a bilateral security agreement, and will now prepare to sign with the Norwegian leader. Work is also currently underway to expand defense cooperation, in particular to strengthen our air defense.