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The wood is cut off and the javelins are shaved off. Part of Ukraine was left without light due to the storm

Some regions of Ukraine were hit by bad weather on Monday evening, the 15th of April. In some settlements, the wind blows the whistle and damages the power lines.

Read about the consequences of the disaster in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

When preparing the material, data from Telegram channels was used for the sake of the Dnipropetrovsk region Mikoli Lukashuk, Kirovograd Regional State Administration, Secretary of the Zaporizhia Municipality for the sake of Anatoly Kurtev, DTEK.

The situation in the Dnipropetrovsk region

Behind the data of Lukashuk, The bad weather brought harm to many communities in the region. Zokrema, the Dniprovsky and Krivorizky districts suffer the most.

In the Novopokrovsk community of the Dnipro region, there was a strong storm blowing and feeding in the villages.

“Unpleasant weather conditions led to the breakdown of power lines, so there is no light in the settlements of TG,” he wrote.

< p>The situation is similar in the Gleyuvatsky community of the Krivorizky district.

Photo: thunderstorm near the Dnipropetrovsk region on the 15th quarter (t.me/mykola_lukashuk)

Krivyi Rih

At Krivoy Rozia, at around 19:00, emergency light switch-offs were introduced.

Due to the storm, power engineers carried out emergency light switch-offs virtually throughout Krivoy Rog. Through this robot, the medicine and critical infrastructure was transferred to generators.

About 21:45 “DTEK” weather conditions caused shock to some residents of the Krivorizky district. The outbreak of illumination affected 145,000 families.

The situation in the Kirovograd region

As a result of bad weather, power lines may be damaged in the region.

“Down wires lying on the ground, hanging on trees, spores pose a deadly threat, because they are under voltage Don't put your life at risk . Steadily wait for the children. Do not touch broken wires, and do not come closer than 10 meters to them,” the Kirovograd OVA advised.

In the event that a broken wire has been detected, it is necessary to set up a security guard and create a temporary fence. It is also necessary to immediately inform the dispatcher of your area of ​​electrical lines.

The situation in the Zaporizhzhya region

As reported by Anatoly Kurtev, from the residents of the Zaporizhzhya region, 50 requests were received about the downfall trees that fell through the strong wind from the plank.

< p>The work to eliminate the legacy of the disaster has already involved 7 brigades of the DSNS, 2 brigades of the specialized municipal emergency and ritual service, the Municipal Emergency Service and “Zaporizhmsiksvitlo”.

Also, before the liquidation of the inheritance, the same teams of all utility services were captured.

Photo: trouble in the Zaporizhzhya region 15th quarter (t.me/kurtievofficial)

Weather in Ukraine

Ukraine will experience cold weather and short periods of rain in the near future, followed by thunderstorms.

As forecasters have predicted, in the near future Three days in Ukraine there will be a short rainy day with thunderstorms. Zokrema at the weekend, 16th quarter, in the Carpathians and in the Carpathian Mountains in some places there may be significant boards. And axis 16-17 on the day, on Wednesday and at the end of the day without falling.

Temperature in the day and daytime parts at night 9-15 degrees Celsius, during the day 22-29 degrees iv heat, 18th quarter 19-24 degrees Celsius.

In the region at night 4-11 degrees, and on the 16th quarter 15-22 degrees, during the 17-18th quarter the daytime temperature drops to 7-14 degrees, on juicers Carpathians up to 0 degrees.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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