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ISW write about the crisis of the Russian Federation at the front. An expert explaining why this is wrong

ISW analysts write that there is a shortage of ammunition and other equipment in Ukraine You can create a lower line to the front” “more screaming” than the Russian armies can speed up for the “raptov trench.” However, the enemy does not have such potential to bring it into reality.

This is discussed in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine by military expert Petro Chernik.

When preparing the material for Vikorist fell down : analysis by the Institute of Military Science (ISW), and an exclusive commentary by expert Peter Chernik.

What they wrote in ISW ​​

In a recent review, analysts from the American Institute of Warfare (ISW) wrote that Ukraine is still giving priority to sectors that are the most threatening in the light of intense Russian offensive operations. And yet, “there may be spills in other places.”

Analysts assume that the occupation may speed up, “hence the rise of the Raptov and the unwillingness to move forward.” If it’s time to go naked, you can’t fight for your minds, since the reinforcement of the Ukrainian Defense Forces will soon be felt.

“The preservation of Russia's initiative in the entire theater of military operations increases the risk of such a development, allowing the Russian military command to practically at its discretion increase or change the scale of operations at any point and the front line”, – respect the ISW.

What about it? expert

Military expert Petro Chernik, in a commentary for RBC-Ukraine, noted that despite this fact in the occupation forces, “there is no way for anyone or anything to create a breakthrough on these or other plots of the front.” If they had such potential, the stinks would have died out long ago.

“Rosіyani can be deputy for a doba 1000-1200 OSIB, you can’t do more. I do not pretend to be reckoning the Presidential Presidential Dopoki, I don’t have the concept” Stand up, I am enormous, I am not rosiness into the Yaki Obsib Subsias in the case. – said Chernik.

I explain that the correct drilling is the drilling at one point, preferably 3 km wide, and 5 km deep.

“These are the operational displays of the work of the mechanized regiment. There is nothing like this on this side. Who is the enemy of Tisne? Tisne. Who has local successes? May. Apart from Avdiyivka, there are no great successes in this great army. definitely,” Chernik said loudly.< /p>

In the opinion of the expert, such messages are seen to be due to the “insecurity of the Rapt River of the Russian troops” – this is a pressure on the knowledge of the powerful population. And first of all – to the establishment.

“That's right. And people have decided to praise them under the influence of highly informative officials. That's all,” Chernik respects.

For clarification, it can be confirmed that Russia is saving initiative in every theater of military operations, as they write about this in ISW, saying:

“What stinks (ISW analysts – ed.) put in the price of words the very ones that the Russian troops are in the camp of the attacking side, then so. But the initiative – if there is development of success in part of the penetration of the territory. The assessment of the correct initiative, and such (among the Russians – ed.) for sure no.”

Briefly about the situation at the front

As RBC-Ukraine wrote earlier, the Ukrainian defense forces will continue to maintain positions and repel attacks by Russian paramilitaries on several fronts. The operational situation at the meeting and every day is no longer stable. According to information from the General Staff, during the last battle there were 79 military battles at the front.

At the same time, based on the latest intelligence reports from Britain, the Russian military is concentrating operations on from Avdiivka and Marinka, Donetsk region. This direction accounts for 60% of recorded Russian attacks over the rest of the past.

When the Zaporizky direct line and the situation on the entire front line were quite complex, the ZSU was able to start the process of rotation and replacement of units and children, as it’s a sad time to end battlefields on the front line.

For more details about the situation at the front and Russian plans, read the material from RBC-Ukraine “Raid” of Sirsky and the new front. How Avdiyivka changed the battlefield and the Russian Federation is preparing for the summer.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram. p>

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