• 12/07/2024 21:31

Soldiers of the 109th ObrTrO showed how they work from LNG-9 at Russian observation points and dugouts in the Avdeevsky direction

“We see pagans – karma arrives.”

Biytsi 109 ObrTrO showed how to deal with LNG-9 at Russian checkpoints and dugouts on Avdiivsky direct

< In the new video project "Ukrainian Witness" - 109 ObrTrO (a separate terrorist defense brigade of the Donetsk region) on the borders of the Avdeevsky direction. The guys showed how they practice using LNG-9 at Russian observation posts and dugouts.

It is in this area that Russian columns of equipment are moving towards Avdeevka.

A brigade serviceman with the call sign Tokha spoke about the battles in this direction. “Our targets here are VP (platoon support points), SP (observation points), infantry, dugouts,” he says. — There are many representatives of the DPR here. These are residents of Gorlovka, Makeevka, Donetsk, last spring we took them prisoner.”

We are twinned with “Tokhi” with the call sign “Lis” – from temporarily occupied Gorlovka. “The last time I was home was in 2014,” he says. — I studied at KNUTD (Kiev National University of Technology and Design), I graduated from the university already in the trenches. I said that I was serving, and my session was automatically closed.”

“Tokha” says that there are not enough people at the front. “There aren’t enough people in the gym,” he says. “We will run out – and the enemy will come to the Dnieper and Kyiv.”