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It’s not too late for Ukraine to overcome Russia’s progress, – top NATO general

Ukraine can still overcome Russia from a full-scale war. The progress of the occupiers is not strategic.

As reported by RBC-Ukraine, the head of the NATO military committee, Rob Bauer, stated this in an interview with VRT News.

” It’s not yet too late for Ukraine (to overcome – ed.). The Russians have made progress, but they are still not even strategic,” Bauer said.

Vin added that the lack of support from the sides of the countries has hurt Zakhad during the war. The worst thing is that the allies will continue to help.

“The longer the war goes on, it is more difficult for them to earn money. It is already two years ago that the countries have already given up the ammunition from their reserves, but the stench is not endless them,” meaning head of the NATO Military Committee.

In his words, the Alliance can now make two speeches: to “stock up” the government’s reserves of armor even more deeply, or to improve the defense industry, so that it grows more and more quickly.

“It is clear that more rivers will be needed in order to truly achieve increased production in Zakhod. We will have to wait until this period, so that Ukraine can prepare for an offensive counter-offensive. But it will not be easy. In the occupied part of Ukraine 450 thousand Russian soldiers will never stop,” he said.

Problems with the Aid Entry

It seems likely that the United States of America did not provide military and financial assistance to Ukraine for several months. For whom the country has run out of funding. Congress just recently praised the bill as a new money for Ukraine.

The European Union also failed in its commitment to transfer millions of artillery shells to Ukraine across the river, and the industry did not interfere with these tasks.

Yak appointed general Secretary of NATO єns Stoltenberg, such problems and PIDIRIA PIDIRAVIA DOVIRA KERANAYYA to Kraina NATO.

Terminovi that Vyna Rosіya Assistance Read on the channel RBC-Ukraine in Telegram.

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