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Ukraine asked for more support, not the introduction of NATO troops, – Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed the assertion that the Atlantic-Atlantic alliance does not plan є introduction troops in Ukraine, and Kiev did not survive such plans.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from the Italian news agency ANSA.

Supply of defense aid

The Secretary General of the bloc said that Ukraine asked for more support from the Ukrainian partners and allies. Defense assistance at the extreme end of the spectrum may ensure that the adoption of ZSU is more effective in resisting Russian large-scale aggression, despite massive shelling.

In this context, Stoltenberg emphasized the decision of Italy to supply Ukraine with the Samp-T anti-aircraft defense system jointly with France.

Military Department

In an interview with ANSA, NATO Secretary General, who before and negotiations with the Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni in the Palazzo Chigi, following the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, who had not previously ruled out the possibility of sending invading troops to Ukraine.

“NATO has no intention of losing strength in Ukraine. When I saw Ukraine last year, the Ukrainians did not ask for NATO troops, they asked for more support,” Stoltenberg said.

The situation at the front in Ukraine

Also in I respect that in Ukraine “the situation on the battlefield is even more complicated.”

“I saw Kiev last year, and they told me about the shouts that stink: Russia has conquered positions, and there is a risk that further positions will be gained. This is not a large territory, but that’s all Tse zupiniti, so that the Ukrainians could protect themselves, im it is necessary to supply ammunition, they need armoring,” explains the NATO Secretary General of the need for ZSU with increased defense support on the side of Zakhad.

“Those who condemned did not die”

Stoltenberg added that one of the reasons why he grew Our occupiers were given In the next month, they will wake up and want more territory, “those who were not conquered by those who were killed.”

In his words, the United States needed six months to arrange a new aid package for Ukraine, since the supply of millions of shells from Europe was transferred to the Ukrainian side.

“Also everything at once is changing,” Stoltenberg said .

pujo junction of the negotiation

vin, huddling the duma, which is “Imported to conduct the serpentine diallogo diologi” pupported aggression of the opposition. another country. However, we have not yet determined the Russian side’s readiness to take part in serious peace negotiations, as Putin believes that we can overcome it,” said Stoltenberg.

The NATO Secretary General says that the only way to defeat the Russian dictator is that he needs to “sit down and negotiate” – to demonstrate on the battlefield that he cannot.

“The only way to achieve this is to give Ukraine Iiskova encouragement,” states Stoltenberg.

NATO’s position on the possibility of introducing troops into Ukraine

It is guessable, after the fierce French President Emmanuel Macron did not include that NATO can introduce troops to help region, this is how the discussion sparked among Ukraine's allies.

It is significant that the Secretary General of the Atlantic-Atlantic Alliance has repeatedly stated that the bloc does not intend to introduce troops into Ukraine. Stoltenberg finally noted that there are no plans for the deployment of NATO combat troops on the territory of Ukraine.

Also, in the 4th quarter of Brussels, the NATO Secretary General said that there is a clear answer from the side of Ki It didn't happen.

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