• 20/06/2024 09:22

Kharkov’s viscera suddenly began to moon during the evening

Kharkov suddenly felt like he was shaking in the evening after being stunned by anxiety. Possibly, the sound was heard behind the boundaries of the place.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the dispatches to the “Kharkiv Suspilna.”

“Kharkov had a slight vibration, undoubtedly, behind the boundaries of the place” , – wrote the video about 22:41.

For five weeks, journalists reported about another vibration: “Another vibration has appeared, apparently, beyond the boundaries of the place.”

About 22: 39 at the Kharkivskiye Bulo Bulo was blocked by Trivoga.

Vibuhi I “Prolit” at the damp

perchi vibuhi for the Syogodnishiye Vechir sighed at Kharkovsky Blizko 21:00. They were also overwhelmed by the overwhelming anxiety.

The mayor of the place, Igor Terekhov, informed about the “arrival” at the front. We didn’t give any further details.

Kharkov’s bells also mooned at night for two days.

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